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The Masquarade Model | Art Auction Entry by NikkiiQ
The Masquarade Model | Art Auction Entry
Yes, of course the one in the middle is the most important one, the others surrounding it are to show more details, for even more details and the progress, read on, there's a stash link!

So, it's finally finished! I'm so happy I could finish it in time, the drying progress really got on my nerves... Actually it isn't all dry yet, but dry enough to be stable. Of course I wanted to do something new, original and creative, well I should have known better! Nah, just kidding, I had a lot of fun working on this and I'm pleased on how it turned out! Something really different from all other art I've ever made.

About the model

I was supposed to use a skeleton for the model, that way claying is easier and getting the right pose is easier as well. But since the lack of time, I couldn't do it and kind of took a risk by not using one. I did some more clay models in my life, but they are no more than 5 cm high and on most I used a small skeleton. This big boy is more than 20 cm high! It almost scared my when I saw my finished bid xD. I redid the head 3 times, altered the pose like 20 times and almost gave up about a 100 times xD.

And than I needed to paint it, a hell of a job to get the right colours... The Kascel markings are a bit lighter in the middle by the way, it doesn't look that way because of the light.

And whose idea was it again to give him a cape xD? No just kidding hun ;). I loved designing the mask! I coloured it with nail polish to make it stronger and sparkly. The small rose on the other hand wasn't easy at all and kept falling apart or kept sticking on my fingers xD. But now it's as strong as a house (almost)! The feathers are from my canary, Arie. She was in her moulting period last month so I was lucky! I even got a dark feather from her while she only has small brown spots.

To see the progress and bigger, better quality pictures, please click this link:

About the horse:

Horse ID: #481
Horse name: WTR Ciel
Breed: Pure Nordanner
Gender: Stallion
Age: 5 years
Height: 16.3 HH
Color: Black Pearl Kascel 
Genotype: Ee aa prlprl KcKc
Training: Basic training given, can be ridden
Tack: Daily + Dragon hunter full gear

Nordanner Import 481 by Cloudrunner64


I was going to write a story with this, but now I'm submitting it my mind is blank. Maybe I'll write something down when I do think of something (most likely the moment I'm about to fall asleep, you know that feeling?).

This mighty stallion rears above the Masquerade Ball! Seducing all mares but not releasing his identity. He keeps his mask on all night to stay mysterious. Actually, this man doesn't like this much attention at all, but when he has his mask on, he can conquer all of his fears.

Good luck:

If I don't win, I'm willing to ship this model (with or without costume) to his new owner for the right price :). I wish everyone who's participating in the auction and the ball good luck!

Overall time taken: A hell lot... I think over 50 working on it and even more waiting for it to dry xD
Design of the horse: Bast-et
All by me

Preview piece:
Day 20 - Preview of Art Auction bid by NikkiiQ
Day 20 - Preview of Art Auction bid by NikkiiQ
Day 20 - Preview of Art Auction bid
Picture taken in the small studio of a friend of mine. She usually uses it for shoes for the company she works for. I'm so happy I got this chance! It's a shame that I can't make a photo of the dressed up model here since she's out of town for the weekend.

This is how my bid for Ciel 481 looks so far. I'm busy altering his 'costume', if that's finished tonight I'll post my bid with som explanation. I'm very proud on this model so far!

The progress:


Lineage commission
WTR Machali #7102 by NikkiiQ
WTR Lestrade #5751 by NikkiiQ
Please do not order here! Note me with the form filled out :)
Payment in either points or art

Point wise pricing:
+5 points per generation, however I won't charge you more than 100 for generation
+5 points for kaaring counted
+10 points if you want it done very fast (speedy!)

Art wise pricing:
+0,5 kaaring points per 4 generations
+0,5 kaaring points for kaaring counted
+0,5 kaaring points if you want if done very fast

Send me a note titled "Lineage" with this form:
Link to sire:
Link to dam:
Points/art payment: Points/art
Kaaring counted: yes/no
Speedy: yes/no

You'll get a reply from me which will say if I can do it (I can be busy too), and for points I'll start after payment is in. For art I can understand that it takes some time to draw, so I'll just give you the lineage after all art is done :). I'll submit the lineage to stash, so you can copy and paste it easily with all the links.


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Mazzel_Animation_Finish by KysanRQ-Mazzel by stormycat1524

Joker for silent auction!

Wed Sep 10, 2014, 1:54 AM

Since I don't like him to gather dust around here, I'll put one of my babies up for sale. I still totally adore his design, but it's hard to draw for me.
This is him:
WTR Turaco #010********* by NikkiiQ
He has a ton of kaaring (you can see it here: ), some of it got deleted, but he's still registered Excellent. This means that all of his rewards but the last import are already used... Still you'll have a nice import if you draw him some!

Oke, I'm open for offers. I'm looking for USD or points. That may come with some art, but no art only offers. I paid too much for him for that :/. I'm up for trades btw, but only for natural or mutation starters or other Jokers.

This is a silent auction, so note me your offers!

Highest offer so far:
80 USD

Skin made by: Hippie30199



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